Go Man and Van has regular backload special offers available to its customers. Backloads arise when our vehicle is empty during a delivery and this can be for either outward or return journeys and can obviously pay for one direction’s transport costs thus making it possible for customers to benefit from the saving with competitive rates. Obviously the backload has to be on a similar route to take advantage but can be an efficient method for all parties.

Man and Van Backloads
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Man and Van Backloads Specifications

Backload Special Rates

This is an ideal situation when you require a cheap furniture delivery, a courier delivery service, a man and van removal service or even a pallet delivery. In order to take advantage of these backload special rates we do request that you be flexible with pick up and drop off dates & times as they have to fit in with our team traveling in your direction as part of another booking.

We always take care of your personal items being delivered in a backload, but we do request our customers to label all items clearly and to package them well. This avoids damage and errors as your possessions will be traveling with other items.

All items can be considered such as sofas, beds, wardrobes, boxes, packages or even full household removals. As long as there is space in our vans we will deliver your item as a backload and at a good competitive rate.

To find out about our backload / special offers check out our blog page or send us an email to or give us a call on 0800 612 6325. We look forward to hearing from you.