Services Provided

Go Man and Van provides you with many relocation and courier services in and around the UK, including overseas in Europe. So if you are a business, residential owner, student or a NHS staff member and are looking to relocate, or maybe you have a parcel that you need to get delivered to a different part of the country then look no further than Go Man and Van.

Have a look at the rest of our services on offer and find out which service is right for you.

House Removals

Moving house is both exciting and daunting – making sure everything is packed, everything is okay at the other end, your valuables are insured and a whole host of other to-do items within that short time frame. Yet, after all that the next job is the transportation, a task that can involve loss or damages to goods if not secured and packed properly. Go Man and Van can make this process go flawlessly with minimal fuss.

To learn more about our flawless house removal services, read on and make your relocation a walk in the park.

House Removals

European Removals

Relocating to a European destination is a huge step. Not only do you have to make sure that your household goods are packed away, any valuables are insured and other general moving house items on the checklist are done, you also have to make sure that your passports and working visas are in order (a process that can take weeks). So with all the extra items on that to-do list, transportation isn’t far behind. Why not let Go Man and Van take the transportation item off that checklist to ease that worry.

To learn how to make your European dream destination more like a realistic option, read on to find out more.

Euro Removals

Student Moves

Are you looking to move this summer? Do you want a stress free and easy move? Moving into your first house as a student can be either exciting or stressful, with Go Man and Van, we help you get their first, unpack quickly (and get the best room!!!)

By the time your housemates have turned up you’ll have got the biggest room, the best cupboard and be relaxing in the pub with a pint while they’re fighting over who doesn’t get the box room. Go Man and Van will help move to or from any University town or City in the UK and take the stress out of the whole event.

You even get a student discount to help you with your finances. So find out how much you can save with our student moving services today.

Student Moves

Courier Delivery Services

Having your parcel delivered by one reliable company that understands the importance of your package is the one thing that Go Man and Van makes its highest priority. With a cheaper service than most couriers in the UK, your parcel can be delivered anywhere nationwide and in Europe.

To find out more about how our courier delivery services can help you in the UK or Europe in terms of cost or ease of use, then read on and learn more.

Courier Deliveries

Office Removals

Moving office is one of the most stressful aspects of any business owner can deal with - often with a sense of dread! It’s a prospect that no business owner looks forward to but the benefits for moving usually far outweigh staying put. Planning and preparation are key in a successful office move - and Go Man and Van are experts in both.

Our seamless office move service starts with a free office move survey. One of our experience professionals will come and assess your requirements for a successful move.

Once we’ve helped you planned ahead, Go Man and Van will make sure that the big day goes quickly and smoothly with the minimum of fuss, you’ll be back up and running in no time. To learn more about this service and the FREE assessment; click the button to read more.

Office Removals

Pallet Delivery Services

If your goods are not suitable for our courier delivery service, that may be because they are too big, bulky or require a volume load. If so, then check out our pallet delivery service. With vans that can accommodate up to 1.2 tonnes, we are more than capable of delivering those goods if they need to be delivered nationwide or overseas to Europe.

Read on to learn more about our pallet delivery service, including information on what pallet sizes we use and how to save you money with our long term discounts.

Pallet Deliveries

Furniture Delivery

No home is complete without interesting items of furniture to give your room that spark of personality. However, without adequate transportation those items become nothing more than a distant dream. From sofas, cupboards, and chairs, to beds and kitchen tables Go Man and Van can transport them all without fear of damage.

To learn more about Go Man and Van’s Furniture Delivery service, click the button and read about how your dream item of furniture can be delivered straight to your door.

Furniture Delivery

NHS Relocation Services

In all careers, the prospect of moving location does present itself quite frequently, this is more so in the NHS. Maybe the staff member’s skills have grown and are required in another area or the contract has run its course and you get another contract in another town, in any case moving in any situation is a stressful one. Go Man and Van’s NHS Relocation services help to reduce that stress considerably.

To learn more about how your stress can be reduced while you are being relocated, including information on our NHS staff discount, then read on and find out more.

NHS Moves


We operate all over the United Kingdom and Europe including the following.














The vans we use are Iveco Daily Long Wheelbase High top vans and can hold up to 17 cubic metres and have a maximum payload of 1350kg. We have a more in depth page which gives details of our removal van sizes and dimensions to check your items will fit in our vans.

All our vans have goods in transit insurance cover of upto £10000 and all come with blankets, ropes and any tools needed.

Please visit our Flickr page to see real world pictures of the vans we use.


We are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and we charge the same rate even on weekends. Please call for specific date availability.

Boxes and Packaging

You can save time by using our packing service. Boxes can be provided for you to fill prior to the day of removal. We can also further assist by carrying out the packing for you. All the materials are readily available.


The Go Man and Van removal rates start at £30 per hour and will vary according to your specific requirements below:

  • Self Load - Driver arrives at pick up point and the customer loads and unloads at delivery point
  • Shared Load - Driver helps out with loading and unloading
  • Driver Load - Driver loads and unloads, customer has no input

Please note we can also, for larger loads, provide two man and a van or two men and two vans. This can be further increased to multiple trips.