Furniture Delivery

New furniture? New problems, but not with our Furniture Delivery Service!

You’ve just bought that corner sofa that everyone is talking about but you find out that you won’t be able to get it into your car and your friend’s car, which is the right boot size, is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances. What do you do? You could do no worse than giving Go Man and Van a call about their Furniture Delivery Service on 0800 612 6325.

Furniture Delivery Experts

Our vans are well suited to any type of furniture that you need to transport like sofas, kitchen tables with chairs, beds, cupboards and much much more. The vans have the capacity to store just under 4,500 gallons of water so don’t worry if you think your furniture won’t fit…it will!!

Safe Secure Service

Your furniture will be safe and secure in the vans as Go Man and Van have the tools to make sure your new furniture will not be damaged during transportation. You will get an estimate of when the furniture will be delivered to you and a confirmation 30 minutes before delivery will occur.

To get your new piece of furniture delivered to you with no fuss, call Go Man and Van now on 0800 612 6325 or email: