NHS Relocation Service

Save money and stress
When you relocate to another NHS area and use our staff discount

Looking after patients in your local area is a stressful and demanding job, with the added possibility of being relocated to a different area, that can send stress levels to an all time high. However, with wages being at an all time low, especially in the NHS sector, finding an affordable relocation service, including getting a generous staff discount, can be difficult. So why not phone Go Man and Van and ask about their NHS staff discounts and how they can help you move, stress-free, on 0800 612 6325 or email info@gomanandvan.co.uk


Our vans can easily accommodate your items in a safe and secure environment during the journey. They can hold up to, and including, 1.2 tons with a load area of 4.56m long by 1.8m wide and 2.1m high, which means that house moving will be quick, simple and effortless.


Don’t worry if you are being moved to the other side of the country as our service operates throughout the UK, including the major cities such as London, Manchester and Birmingham. Start to look forward to your new home and working with a new set of work colleagues with minimal fuss.


To begin your stress free move and take advantage of the NHS staff discount, call Go Man and Van on 0800 612 6325 or email info@gomanandvan.co.uk