Pallet Delivery Services

Minimal logistical nightmares, When you use our pallet delivery service

There are times when you need to get goods from one side of the country to another or maybe they need to travel overseas safely and securely. The goods themselves are not suitable for a standard courier service because they are too big, bulky or there are too many of the goods to be transported (a volume load). Then you should consider Go Man and Van’s Pallet Delivery Service.


 What Can We Hold?

In a full load van we can hold the following pallets:

  • 4 Standard Pallets

◦     Standard pallet sizes are Quarter – 1.2m (w) x 1m (l) x 0.8m (h), Half  – 1.2m (w) x 1m (l) x 1.1m (h) and Full – 1.2m (w) x 1m (l) x 2.2m (h)

  • 6 Euro Pallets

◦     Euro pallet sizes are Quarter – 1.2m (w) x 1m (l) x 0.6m (h), Half  – 1.2m (w) x 1m (l) x 0.9m (h) and Full – 1.2m (w) x 1m (l) x 1.8m (h)

All your pallets will be secured and protected with our secure safety straps and blankets, if required.


 Secured & Tracked

Your pallets will be given an estimated time of arrival and confirmed within 30 minutes of the final destination so that you don’t have to wait based on a vague time given by a tracking system. If required they can be signed for and a goods in transit insurance cover of £10,000 is also available.


As a long term benefit you can get discounts if you are contracted with us – our contracts run between 12 and 18 months.


For more information on our pallet discounts or deliveries, call us on 0800 612 6325 or email: