Terms & Conditions

Go Man and Van Removals and Couriers Terms

Payment can be made either in cash to the driver on completion of the job or by online via paypal (please note when using paypal, an additional charge of 3.5% is required. This covers the cost it charges businesses to use their service).

Please be aware that our normal trading terms require a deposit prior to the service being carried out. We regret that this is necessary, but payment needs to be made to cover our time and lost work due to possible cancellations. Cancellations within 24 hours of the date of the job will result in the full charge of the job being made.

If you require additional stops during the journey outside of the agreed route and additional £5 per stop will be charged.

Our vehicles can carry upto 2 passengers. Such passengers must be accompanying the load been delivered. We cannot carry passengers only.

We recommend, to save loading / unloading times that all loads are pre packed (preferably in removal boxes) prior to collection thus reducing the overall charge. Customers should preferably have all items packed & ready for collection at the specified time, to ensure that all schedules are met.

Please ensure that we are provided with as much information as possible about the load to be carried to enable a competitive quote to be provided and a firm estimate of loading/unloading times. In addition, to avoid disappointment, it will also enable us to assess the type of load & whether we would be unable to carry certain items. e.g.Livestock, rubble, explosives, illegal items etc.

We would point out to all customers that insurance of any goods in transit must be covered by the client. However, this does not remove any responsibility on our part to ensure that all items are fully protected & treated with respect whilst in our care.

We accept no responsibility for loss or damage following completion of the job & payment has been made.

Please be aware that traffic problems etc. may cause delays to agreed pick up times. However, we do operate a system whereby all customers are kept fully informed of any problems that may arrive.